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I. More intelligent

1. It can monitor the heating temperature curve of each workpiece, current voltage curve, count, etc., store memory and print it out.

2. Can store the heating process parameters of multiple workpieces. After exchange for different workpieces,Just adopt the parameter from the storage .

3. Ri Jia digital machine are equipped with multi-stage power heating and have five time power control functions. Typically products in the market only have two periods of time and two power potentiometers.

4. RI Jia products are equipped with temperature, speed and other control sensor interfaces to meet all the heating process requirements. We can also customize multi-stage heating and constant power and other special models according to customers' requirements.

5. Have the Internet function. Ri Jia products can be connected with mobile phone or computer in the WiFi  environment which can support remote operation control and data acquisition function. It is very convenient for manufacturers to supply maintenance service  .





2. Widely application

1. Wide range of working frequency: the frequency of Ri Jia products heating equipment is 500HZ--200KHZ, and the optimal power output can be achieved at that frequency range. The operating frequency range of the simulator is generally around 10KHZ,so beyond the frequency range ,it will be smaller or does not work.

2, wide range of heating load, heavy load . We can ensure the best match output, a machine can heat conductivity magnetic metals such as steel strong negative load artifacts, can also be weak magnetic conductivity of aluminum copper light artifacts and high-power heating load. The simulation machine requires two different machines to complete.




2、电流方面:电流可以实时监控显示控制等功能, IGBT电流工作在额定电流的80%之内,电流控制采样按照每一次脉冲检测一次槽路电流,这样即不会超过它的额定电流,又保证了模块不易损坏。在逆变输出存在异常情况下强制停止工作。保证了设备的可靠性。


Excellent quality

1. Voltage: the voltage can be monitored and displayed in the screen . No matter how high the power is andthe channel voltage is controlled under 900V voltage. The voltage is one third to ten percent of that of the common machine, which eliminates the damage to the output transformer and the power module IGBT due to high voltage. The resistance to harsh conditions has also improved.

2, Electric current: monitored and displayed in the screen, IGBT current work within 80% of the rated current, current control sampling according to each time a tank circuit current pulse detection, which does not exceed its rated current, and ensure that the module is not easy to damage .When the inverter output is abnormal ,it will not work . The reliability of the equipment is guaranteed.

3. The Ri Jia products heating equipment adopts the modular design, which reduces the hardware circuit, the layout is simple and reasonable, and the fault source is reduced. The abnormal phenomenon is mainly protected by software, which improves the response time and improves the safety performance of the machine.







4. Saving more Energy

1. Ri Jia products induction heating has the function of frequency conversion, which can achieve energy saving effect according to the intelligent frequency conversion of the workpiece.

2. Digital control system , replace many hardware control parts by software, reduce the heating of components and lower power consumption.

3We can customize the intelligent heating equipment, when the workpiece is in , it is heated according to the set power, and there is no workpiece ,it will maintain the minimum current state . This function will not only reduce the power consumption, but also reduce the operator's work intensity and the frequency of thestart and off of the equipment.

4. Ri Jia products digital frequency conversion induction heating is generally 5%~50% less energy efficient than the old analog machine.






Durable in use

1. Ri Jia products inverter voltage is very low, so it is not only the anti-harsh environment but also extends the service life.

2. Remove the electrolytic filter capacitor and switch to a non-polar film capacitor, because the electrolytic capacitor generally lives about 10 years, and the life of the film capacitor is several times higher than that, which greatly improves the life of the machine.

3. We can customize the fully enclosed machine, and it will remain new after 10 years.


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